Salone del Mobile 2017, Workplace 3.0

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Salone del Mobile 2017, Workplace 3.0 brings back the focus on Office Design

From the 4th to the 9th of April, in Rho Fiera, during the Salone del Mobile 2017, the biennal exhibition focused on Office Furniture is taking place. Workplace3.0 will be a think tank of inspirations concerning the deep changes of the world of work and a starting point for new ideas in line with the current design market.

Furniture companies are now focusing on Human Centered Design, using technology to improve the wellbeing  and the comfort of the employees. A Joyful Sense at Work is an exhibition curated by Cristiana Cutrona, inspired by the latest theories and trends for the workplace design, as described by the Salone del Mobile:

Nowadays offices, like cities, are defined as smart. It would be reductive, however, to put it all down to technology, smart is a new quality of life, a new humanism, in which man becomes the active protagonist. Guaranteeing spaces for individual working and for sharing is no longer enough, a new relationship based on trust (creative confidence) now needs to be activated, “trust&sharing”.  A new cultural revolution is going on, visible yet dispersed in fragments, putting design at the service of humanity, in order to produce joy. An anthropocentric approach to design: antropodesign, meaning a form of thought language, a mental activity, a synthesis of intuition, imagination, invention, innovation, a sensory device.

For 2017, Workplace 3.0 main theme is the Smart Office, a concept that Level is mastering with its Research & Development department (here the full article).

Furthermore, on April 7th at 2.30 pm, BASE Milano located in via Bergognone 34, is hosting the lecture New workspace trends by Carolina Pacchi and Superlab, as a part of the Nomad Design show.