The Top 9 Solutions for Customized Graphics around the Office

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Office Personalization is key to spreading a Company’s Values and Brand Identity to their employees and guests.


Customized graphics are a must have for modern day contemporary offices.

One effective way to strengthen a Company’s Brand Identity is by customizing its workspace in a way that best spreads the company’s mission and ideology to their employees and guests.

When it comes to a Company’s Office Design, it is fundamental to understand a brands parameters in order to convey a similar style, color and language throughout its interior design: information and understanding are paramount when it comes to designing solutions specifically tailored to corporate needs.


Graphic Films are the Perfect Solution to Customizing a Workspace


Graphic films can be a powerful element for rapidly customizing the office.

Integrated into partitions or supported on blind walls, they give the space personality and are excellent for explaining the company’s identity or serving as a functional element in an operational space.

Applying films to glass surfaces allows the option to hide elements, providing different levels of privacy to your workers while spreading both synthetic and natural light throughout the working area.

Style and content of graphics are defined together with the client, keeping in mind the values that the company wants to communicate. Minimalistic patterns, drawings, illustrations, logos and high-resolution images are some of the many possible options available for improving the overall aesthetics around the office.

Between the many custom graphic solutions available, we have selected what we consider to be the top 9 solutions:


1. Opaque Full-Height Films



To ensure a high level of visual privacy, opaque full-height films are applied to glass surfaces, such as around administrative offices where sensitive information is handled. The Pixelated Gradient film is one of the possible options for full height films that merge function with aesthetics through its dynamic shading effect.


2. Graphic Dividing Elements



In reception areas and open space offices, it’s possible to visually divide a space into zones that require higher levels of privacy, thanks to glass partition films.


3. Stripped Graphic Films



Using a pattern composed of horizontal strips with varied thickness and line spacing allows you to play with the Interior Design and choose the level of privacy wanted, while leaving ample transparent space to allow the dispersion of natural and synthetic light.


4. Geometric/Minimalist Graphics



Used as an accent that communicates the brand-identity around the office, these graphics serve merely as decoration.


5. Graphical Safety Films



For safety reasons, large glass surfaces without frames, must be signified by graphical elements. This is a perfect occasion to use films designed with colors and shapes matching the Brands Identity.


6. Logo Application



Logos can be applied throughout a space using printed films located in strategic positions such as reception areas and private meeting rooms frequently used for discussions with clients and guests.


7. Informational Films



Chosen for their functionality, these films are made with letters and numbers for identifying specific rooms/areas (Example: Meeting Room 01 – Relaxing Area – Office 01 etc…)


8. Inspirational Films



Quotes or phrases written with institutional fonts and displayed across walls or around the workplace can help inspire workers and communicate Brand values.


9. Emotional Images



Natural landscapes as well as other high-resolution backgrounds allow employees to feel more refreshed when entering and working in the office. These images are usually printed on films and installed on partition walls.


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