Esagoniamoci: the Oggiono’s Bachelet Mural Has Been Kicked Off

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On Saturday 20th May, the Bachelet Institute unveiled to the public the Mural created by the students under the artistic direction of Camilla Falsini and the management of Massimo Gianquitto, Level Office Landscape’s CEO.

The Bachelet Institute Has a New Colorful Mural


It’s called Esagoniamoci and it represents six fundamental values for the young students of the Bachelet Institute in Oggiono. Growth, energy, balance, trust, dreams and equality are the keywords chosen in the concept phase, before the drawings were applied on the walls. Part of the “Earth: Arte nelle scuole” program, the project aims to spread the word of contemporary art in schools, involving artists and encouraging student participation.


“Earth: Art in schools” Continues at Bachelet


Started in 2019 with ISS Viganò and Agnesi di Merate, and the collaboration with the Milanese collective Orticanoodles, Earth continued in 2021 with ISS Greppi di Monticello Brianza and Etnik (Alessandro Battista) with the creation of a large mural at the entrance of the school complex. This year’s Bachelet, on the other hand, redeveloped an even more demanding wall, not only in terms of size.

“It was a great job that the students decided to complete, together with the teachers, not out of personal interest, but for the benefit of the whole school”, says Massimo Gianquitto, creator of the project. “They have left a sign of their passage, a living testimony of what it really means to be at school, recovering spaces that were colorless and lifeless and which now, thanks to this project, supported by the Rotary Club of Merate and Rotary Club Lecco Le Grigne with the contribution of various sponsors, tells about people, science, culture, nature and beauty”.


Participatory Art Involved the Bachelet


Da sinistra: Martina Berighenti, Simone Pellegatta, Massimo Meroni, Anna Panzeri, Giuseppe Borgonovo, Massimo Gianquitto


The mural was created through a participatory art process, similar to the one bornin the 60s, “when artistic experiences changed the relationship between viewer and public, giving life to relational art“, explains the CEO of Level Office Landscape. “These years have created a different condition for enjoying a work of art. The Earth project it’s not a simple commission, but a participatory work of art where the artist is the creator and coordinator of a group of students, who took part in the work from the beginning. It’s not just the end result that’s important: the process and the creation are the true riches of this project.

Thanks to relational art, the Bachelet project has a great value, thanks to the construction phase that made it what it is today. “It’s art that fulfills a precise social task”, continues Gianquitto. “An urban art presented not with an academic lesson or with an abstract program, but documenting through a concrete example, what we have before our eyes. The mural is the demonstration that the Street Art or Urban Art, which we propose in these projects, implies a different use and active participation. The wall paintings created in schools are aimed primarily at the new generations and the students who attend them, in the belief that art can increase sensitivity, the idea of beauty and respect for its fragility“.

The Art Direction of Camilla Falsini


The Roman artist Camilla Falsini designed the six different subjects of Bachelet’s work together with the students. Her work is characterized by clean lines, stylized and minimal shapes and strong colors and ranges from editorial illustration to large wall paintings, from design objects to books. She has also created installations, large paintings, murals or sculptures for brands such as Samsung, Zalando, Napapjiri, Michelin, NIKE and Pitti Immagine Uomo.

Her outdoor murals can be found in many Italian cities, but also indoors, such into the Madama Hostel in Milan, the Iliad offices in Rome and Milan and various associations, bookshops, schools and playrooms.

Camilla helped us to represent words through an abstraction project that was a creative process divided into various moments”, the students said in an interview on Casate Online. “First we drew reality, then we reworked it and transformed it into abstract images creating six ideograms. It was a moment of personal growth and light-heartedness in which the artist involved us directly to make our school more welcoming“.


The Earth project of the Oggiono Bachelet was supported by the Rotary Club of Merate and Rotary Club Lecco Le Grigne, IISS Bachelet, Maxi Sport, Acinque Energia, Senesi Giardini, Tsunamiclub, Fondo Comunità di Oggiono, with the coordination of Massimo Gianquitto, member of the Rotary Club Merate.