Virtual Spaces for Real Lives (and Viceversa)

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Design per Tutti is back. On the evening of Wednesday 7th June, starting from 8 pm, LevelHUB in La Valletta Brianza is hosting presentations and dialogues on the theme of virtual and real spaces that intertwine, giving life to new design scenarios. The attendance to the event is free and is aimed not only at professionals, but above all, at design enthusiasts, curious to learn more about the topic of the intervention.


Design per Tutti is back


The successful format launched in 2019 by Level Office Landscape and conceived by Massimo Gianquitto, returns with a special evening on Wednesday 7th June, in the recently renovated spaces of LevelHUB. Starting at 8 pm, the event is focusing on different talk that explores how virtual spaces and the physical world are increasingly connected, giving life to new places for being and living, poised between the real and digital dimensions.

The sociologist and communicator Lorenzo Guerra, the CEO of Next Exhibition Marco Bressan and the young founders of 3DD Factory, Dylan Campardo and Diego Rapuzzi, are presenting their thoughts and some successful case studies regarding digital living, the new frontiers of 3D visualization and interactive exhibits. The CEO of Level Office Landscape will moderate the evening, leaving room for a talk with questions, also open to the curiosity of the public.


A Cultural Project


With it’s third edition, Design per Tutti is a cultural project that aims to inform and draw attention to the discipline of design. Through exceptional guests, the public made up of students, enthusiasts and industry professionals can learn more about the meaning of Design and its infinite nuances, today poised between the real and digital worlds. Each year presents a different theme, to explore new frontiers and involve the most interesting personalities on the cultural scene.


Building Reality in the Hyperconnected World


During the evening of June 7th, the sociologist Lorenzo Guerra will present a thought on digital living and on the mental homes that people are building for themselves. Through the use of the metaphor of inhabitation, the presentation will explore the dangers of showing only the best part of oneself on social media, and the complexity of defining which is the best part, highlighting the social pressure on younger generations to always be “perfect”, always sexy, because that’s what the many “likes” want.

At the same time, the great opportunities offered by new technologies will be illustrated, such as access to information, social connection and the development of critical thinking, but also information cocoons, in which comfortable nests are created, where all they think like us, but maybe they are all wrong. The time we are living now, generates great tensions, as can be seen from the political and cultural polarization that is increasing.


Design Virtual Spaces to Inhabit the Real World


Alberto Bressan, CEO of Next Exhibition will talk about the new digital frontier of exhibitions, bringing the Van Gogh Experience as a case study. An immersive exhibition where visitors can “enter” inside a painting, thanks to projections on two floors, sounds and the use of over 1000 square meters of lights.

Dylan Campardo and Diego Rapuzzi, young founders of 3DD Factory, with a speech entitled “Reality is only an option”, will show their research on virtual reality and illustrate its applications in the field of architectural design (and not only).


locandina design per tutti 2023 spazi virtuali per vite reali


Alberto Bressan, CEO Next Exhibition


Born in 1986, he began his entrepreneurial career immediately after earning a master’s degree in Economics, concluded with a thesis dedicated to Minibonds, an instrument that would soon come to the fore on the financial markets. During his career he has been Business Developer for numerous SMEs in the field of commercial development and restructuring of financial assets. He founded several startups including TACOMA Partners Srl, a consultancy company specialized in supporting companies in the strategic launch and development phases. Since 2020 he held the role of CEO of the Next Exhibition Group, a multinational company operating in the field of multimedia and immersive exhibition production all over the world, with offices in Italy, Spain, the USA and the United Kingdom.


Lorenzo Guerra, Sociologist & Digital Communicator


Sociologist by training and digital communicator by profession, during his career he collaborated with large groups such as Juventus, Nestlé, Leroy Merlin and the World Bank, contributing to the creation of engaging and stimulating virtual spaces for people. A few years ago he decided to embark on a new journey with the startup Italent, which aims to internationalize the fine food products of the Italian tradition. During covid he founded a training company. He loves food, humans and open spaces surrounded by nature. Now he has a new fascination: Artificial Intelligence.


Diego Rapuzzi – CEO & Co-Founder 3DD Factory


Graduated in Interior Design, he developed his skills as a 3D modeler from the first year of university, becoming an expert in the use of the main animation and rendering software. Since 2017 he has been a freelance in the architectural visualization and interior design sector, with modeling experiences for 3D printing and virtual reality applications. He founded 3DD Factory together with his colleague Dylan Campardo, establishing ongoing collaborations with Locatelli Partners, Thomas Berloffa Design Studio and furniture companies such as Kartell, developing projects exhibited in Asia, America and Europe. He also presented a project related to the application of VR to interior design at the Milan Triennale, with the exhibition “The moon is a light bulb”, organized by IED, involving the most deserving former students.


Dylan Campardo – CEO & Co-Founder 3DD Factory


Born in 1994 in Vittorio Veneto, he has been a master of art since 2012. In Milan he graduated in Interior Design at IED and immediately embarked on a career as a freelancer in the architectural visualization and 3D animation sector, with a keen interest in reality virtual. The collaboration with Diego Rapuzzi, a colleague and friend known at university, led him to found 3DD Factory in 2017 and exhibit his first virtual tour at the Triennale di Milano. Since his university years he has established continuous collaborations with important graphic and architecture studios such as Locatelli and Partners and collaborates with Thomas Berloffa Design Studio for the realization of renderings and technical executives of exhibition stands in America, Asia and Europe. In 2018 he 3D modelled the product catalogue for the furniture company Kartell. Furthermore, he is dedicated to the creation of virtual tours, renderings and applied computer graphics for numerous Lombard and international companies.