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An Evening in Vienna, Massimo Gianquitto Presents His New Novel in Segrate

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On Tuesday, June 20th Massimo Gianquitto, CEO of Level Office Landscape and author of two novels based on Klimt’s life, will be a guest at the Centro Verdi Auditorium in Segrate together with Gianluca Poldi to discuss the artist’s life. At the center of the talk, the book “Veleno” and the preview of “Inferno, l’arte brucia”.


Gianquitto and Poldi Talk About Klimt in Segrate


Architect, teacher and expert of Contemporary Art, Massimo Gianquitto devote himself to writing art novels since 2021. After a long research he published, in February 2022, “Veleno, Klimt tra eros e mistero” (published by Graphofeel), a story about the tormented life of the artist Gustav Klimt.




Set in Vienna in 1907, it retraces the events that follow a dramatic episode. The dead body of one of his models was find in the studio she usually uses. Already at the center of numerous controversies for the unscrupulousness of his relationships and the originality of his painting, Klimt finds himself at the center of a scandal, with a thriller full of twists and turns that winds through the streets of the Austrian capital.

Between meetings with intellectuals and artists, gossip in an elegant fashion atelier, countryside escapes and masquerade balls, Gianquitto weaves the plot of intrigue and accompanies the reader to solve the mystery.


Inferno, l’Arte Brucia




As a sort of sequel, “Inferno, l’arte brucia” (published by Argento Vivo Edizioni in June 2023) is the second volume that Massimo Gianquitto wanted to dedicate to the extraordinary life of Klimt.

A historical novel in which Vienna is still the backdrop to an intense and dramatic story linked to the mystery of the paintings of the University of Gustav Klimt. The book follows their footsteps, even after the author’s disappearance, the requisition by the Nazis and their eclipse.

Were the paintings destroyed or saved? The novel tells a backward investigation in which the presence of Gustav Klimt’s companion and friend, Emilie Flöge (who survives him and resists tenaciously by defending not only the work of her beloved but, above all else, the ideal of freedom), stands out.


The Evening at the Segrate Auditorium




Together with Gianluca Poldi, an expert in scientific analysis of works of art, Massimo Gianquitto is presenting both the volumes at the Auditorium Centro Verdi in Segrate on the evening of June 20th, starting at 9.00pm. In the splendid structure designed by Guido Canella, the event dedicated to the splendid city of Vienna, will tell the most interesting episodes in Klimt’s life, taken from Gianquitto’s novels. The attendance to the talk is free.


The book “Hell, art burns” can already be ordered on the publishing house’s website, and will soon be available on other online stores and in bookshops throughout Italy.