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Great Success for the Third Edition of Design per Tutti

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The physical and digital world have no longer borders. Here is what emerged from the evening of 7th June at LevelHUB, in Valletta Brianza. Thanks to the intervention of four speakers, the appointment with the cycle of free lessons of Design per Tutti explored the relationship between the design of virtual spaces for real lives and vice versa.


Design per Tutti Analyzes the Present and Anticipates the Future


The first part of the third edition of meetings organized by Level Office Landscape, opened on the evening of 7th  June. The theme of virtual and real spaces that intertwine, giving life to new scenarios of being and living, was a topic that wondered many of the spectators, providing numerous ideas and thoughts, opening the debate on the future of design.

The architect Massimo Gianquitto, CEO of Level Office Landscape and moderator, opened the meeting by thanking the audience and the speakers for their participation. During his speech he began as follows: “I show you a short video of Apple. Not to promote the Vision Pro product, which will change the habits of those who will use this device, but because it clearly confirms the importance of a theme such as the one we have chosen for this evening. Virtual and physical worlds are ever closer, and gives life to new ways of being and living“.


The Speakers’ Talks


Alberto Bressan Design per Tutti Level Office Landscape


The speech by Alberto Bressan, CEO of Next Exhibition, showed the new potential of events that exploit technology to design immersive experiences. Through the vision of the salient moments of the Van Gogh Experience, a traveling exhibition dedicated to the tormented Dutch artist, Bressan has opened up new scenarios related to Exhibit Design.

The sociologist and digital communicator Lorenzo Guerra has focused the attention of viewers on the metaphor of living and on the increasingly contradictory role of social media and the “real life”. A combination that cannot ignore the new potentials offered by technology, to simplify routine operations and expand peoples’ borders, with unlimited access to information and the possibility of developing the critical thinking.

Finally, the young founders of 3DD Factory, Dylan Campardo and Diego Rapuzzi, a company specializing in 3D visualization, design and virtual reality, showed their most significant works, exploring the new frontier of fully digital space design. The Arch. Pamela Maggi, cultural adviser for the Ordine degli Architetti di Lecco, closed the speech with greetings and some considerations about the past, when being an architect meant having a more “material” and direct relationship with the project, drawing blueprints on the drawing board by hand.


Design per Tutti Is Back on September


LevelHUB events resume in September, just after the summer holidays, with a new appointment dedicated to design and architecture that intertwine with other disciplines. Specifically, the evening will be focused on the world of fashion, with an exceptional guest.