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Art at Work, the “Earth” Office Project

On the 28th of September, a presentation of a new project concerning the “Art at Work” philosophy is taking place, thanks to a collaboration between Bellavite Editore and Level Office…
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8 Solutions to Guarantee Visual Privacy Around the Office

Do your employees ever complain about difficulties concentrating in the open-spaces around your office? Integrating various visual privacy solutions can help solve this issue, achieving a more productive workplace. Solutions…
Illva Di Saronno Level Office Landscape
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Company Successes, ILLVA di Saronno

Fourteen years ago, he chose to develop a flexible and ergonomic approach to his enterprise, and with help from Architect Giorgio Tomasi, designed a new office. There aren’t many people…
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10 Solutions for Sound Management

Sound management is essential to consider when designing an office layout in order to maintain its comfort for those who spend their daily lives inside them. Spaces in which the…
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Olivetti, beyond the Company

In Italy, at Ivrea, the complex of industrial buildings conceived and developed by Camillo Olivetti in 1908 for Olivetti, one of the most innovative firm of all times, has been…
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